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FONDINOR has a team of highly experienced engineers able to develop optimal solutions for its customers.


The Engineering Department, has support of highly qualified experts in the field of Foundry.

FONDINOR Engineering starts with the design and feasibility study via different processes of simulation. Based on these results and our customers' request, all the series tooling and prototype are designed internally through CAD - CAM.

  • Design

2D or 3D from data received from the client are converted to model and core designs with dedicated programs and cad software.


  • Simulation

Simulation programs are used to complete the simulation of filling and solidification inside the mold in order to visualize the consequences of design parameters and avoid casting defects. Through these programs, the number of tests and the time required for the prototype production are reduced.


  • Model making

Designed patterns and core boxes are machined with CNC machines. Finally, the models are prepared for production.


Thanks to our human expertise and competencies in the field of foundry, Fondinor displays international-level expertise. At the same time, the plant is equipped with software and high-tech equipment, for the cast as for the aluminum production unite.